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Seasoned attorney providing competent legal services for more than 30 years

Richard H. Sugg, Jr. in Centennial, Colorado serves individuals and small businesses in the southern metropolitan Denver area in matters involving business law, civil litigation and real estate. Richard H. Sugg, Jr. has more than 30 years of experience delivering successful resolutions. He personally handles every case from inception to conclusion to help ensure a positive outcome. He enjoys helping his clients succeed in their personal matters or business endeavors, and he works diligently to serve your legal needs. Richard charges an hourly rate for representation in a lawsuit and for other civil legal matters. For the organization of a corporation or limited liability company or the preparation of a will or durable power of attorney, Richard will quote you a flat fee. He makes sure to understand and address your individual legal needs efficiently and cost-effectively. To schedule a consultation and see what he can do to help you, call Richard H. Sugg, Jr. today.

Personalized attention helping to secure efficient solutions

Richard H. Sugg, Jr. is dedicated to assisting local clients with their business and civil legal matters. He helps his clients with:

  • Personalized attention — Richard understands how stressful legal problems can be, and he listens carefully to all of the important details of your case to determine the best course of action toward a favorable resolution. He works each case on a personal basis to help ensure that his client achieves their goals.
  • Experience — Richard has more than 30 years of experience and a proven track record of assisting clients in securing their goals. He fully applies his knowledge and expertise to the benefit of each client.
  • Efficiency — Richard knows that legal problems can be very time consuming and expensive for individuals and small-business owners. He strives to make sure that no time is wasted and that your case is resolved in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Skilled attorney focused on various practice areas

Richard H. Sugg, Jr. focuses on the needs of small-business owners and individuals who own or lease real estate in matters of business law, civil litigation, real estate and more. He also provides estate planning services for businesses and individuals.

  • Business Law — In his business law practice, Richard negotiates and drafts contracts, leases, buy-sell and employment agreements for his business clients. He also advises and represents clients on corporate, employment, trade secret and other commercial matters. He prepares the necessary documents and assists clients in the purchase and sale of businesses and professional practices.
  • Civil litigation — In his civil litigation practice, Richard represents clients in civil lawsuits and arbitration for commercial, contract, employment, trade secret, mechanic’s lien, collection and other civil actions in both state and federal court.
  • Real estate — In his real estate practice, Richard represents businesses and individuals in general commercial and residential real estate and construction matters. He applies his knowledge about property rights, real estate issues and finance and business to help clients.

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